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David, Alexander,
many thanks for your replies (and please excuse the delay). The book doesn't have an ISBN #, and my friend doesn't have that book and didn't find one by a quick search. Seems to be a very little run. Do you could provide scans of the mentioned drawings? Of course I would pay some $.
Alexander, unfortunately I (we) don't know the builder, this wasn't mentioned in the caption text.
Thanks again and greetings
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Do you know the builder of these cars? That would indicate which library is most likely to have information. For instance, Pullman Library of the Illinois Railway Museum has a majority of the drawings from Pullman and Standard Steel & Car Company, among others, while a different library in St. Louis has most of the American Car & Foundry drawings.


Alex Schneider


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one of my friends is modeling the early 20th century and is interested to build a model of one of the series of 1000 cars of 1902-built Reading wooden coal hoppers #60000 - 60999. I have a picture of #61171 after rebuilding in 1921 (and renumbering, seemingly), but likely it would be wrong to post it here as it is a book scan. I could email it, though.
Does anyone have information of these cars or can point me to some? No matter if original or modernized configuration.

Many thanks and greetings

Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953


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