Re: looking for drawings of Reading hopper 60000 - 60999

anthony wagner

According to the Reading Modeler site HTb 60000-60599 were built Mar-Aug 1902 by ACF, 60600-60799 May-Sep by Middletown Car Works, and 60800-60999 May-Sep 1902 by Lebanon Manufacturing. 864 cars were rebuilt Feb-Oct 1921 to 61000-61863 HTk by ACF with steel center sills but still with 40Ton Fox trucks. They were retired between 1927 and 1934 but 264 cars were converted to ash service as HTkx in the 90000 and 91000 series except 4 cars sold to Atlantic City Railway in 1927 as 10261-10263 HTkx ash cars. Hope this helps Tony Wagner

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I found this website :

Maybe of use to you.


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