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Douglas Harding

No this is not a one of a kind car. Some of the following comments come from Kristen Drummler’s presentation last fall at Chicagoland.


There were 2800 poultry cars in the late 20s. Combination cars were created in 1928 according to a US patent issued to Johnson. They were an attempt to compete with the ever-increasing truck traffic. The live poultry end could carry 2,500 birds, while the refrigerator end offered up to 730 cubic feet of space for dressed poultry, eggs, butter, and other perishable goods.


The 1939 ORER shows the North American Car had the following poultry cars. These were Live Poultry Transit Cars and Palace Poultry Cars which had been acquired by North American Car in 1926 for Palace Poultry Car and 1930 for Live Poultry Transit.


LPTX 399-3599 Poultry

LPTX 4001-4016 Combination Live Poultry Refrigerator

LPTX 4050-4078 Combination Live Poultry Refrigerator

LPTX 4117-4131 Combination Live Poultry Refrigerator

PPKX 3000-3999 Poultry

PPKX 5003-5609 Poultry


Sample would be the name of the car. Kristen states cars were given individual names. Some were named for places, some for fowl, and others named for individuals who had made an impact on the company.


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I see the car is also stenciled "SAMPLE" above the door.
Could it be a one-off experimental unit, to test the idea of shipping eggs along with live poultry?
It may have stemmed from a myriad of small, rural farms producing both in some areas.
Ed Bommer

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