Re: InterMountain HO Scale 1937 AAR Boxcars with Square Corners

Tim O'Connor


He mastered a bunch of very fine resin parts for modeling SLSF freight cars and
sold them roughly 1997 & 1998. Al Westerfield made the castings. His Duryea underframe
had the large open crossbearers found on ATSF (Bx-27 as discussed here), SLSF, and T&P
box cars of that time period.

Joe also produced beautiful Youngstown doors with Camel hardware, an 8 foot Superior door,
and coupler boxes with draft gear detail.

Tim O'Connor

On 6/29/2019 12:11 AM, Tom Madden via Groups.Io wrote:

I found two different types in my stash. One is a Sunshine mini-kit, "Rock Island Duryea Underframe, Superior Door, Decals for 10'6" IH Boxcar", and a set for a Frisco boxcar marketed for a short time by a modeler whose name escapes me. It's "#37DUR FRISCO BOXCAR U'FRAME & DOORS", and on the back of the package it says "CAST RESIN PARTS TO MODEL SL-SF 1937 AAR BOX CAR WITH DURYEA UNDER FRAME. USE WITH RED CABOOSE #RC-8001 BOXCAR KIT."

As mentioned there's the Speedwitch B&O M-26D/E kit, and also the Speedwitch Santa Fe Bx-26 boxcar kit, which also has a Duryea underframe. Haven't compared the two to see if they're different.

Tom Madden

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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