Re: ATSF BX-26 Duryea underframe

Norm Buckhart

Both Gene Diemling and John Barry have produced excellent tutorals on building Santa Fe Bx 37 (I believe) boxcars with Duryea underframes.  Genes car was in O scale and John's in HO. I have these at home but am stuck in a hotel while a major plumbing retrofit is taking place in our building.

Gene's may be found on his blog.

Bill Pardie

Bx-26, 27, 34 were all built with Duryea u/f’s.  Bx-37 had a conventional u/f and was the only class in this group to have transverse mounted air reservoirs.
norm buckhart

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Found this on the internet:




J. Stephen Sandifer


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It would be helpful if someone would post plans for the Santa Fe Duryea or photos of the Speedwitch car underbody.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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I found two different types in my stash. One is a Sunshine mini-kit, "Rock Island Duryea Underframe, Superior Door, Decals for 10'6" IH Boxcar", and a set for a Frisco boxcar marketed for a short time by a modeler whose name escapes me. It's "#37DUR FRISCO BOXCAR U'FRAME & DOORS", and on the back of the package it says "CAST RESIN PARTS TO MODEL SL-SF 1937 AAR BOX CAR WITH DURYEA UNDER FRAME. USE WITH RED CABOOSE #RC-8001 BOXCAR KIT."

As mentioned there's the Speedwitch B&O M-26D/E kit, and also the Speedwitch Santa Fe Bx-26 boxcar kit, which also has a Duryea underframe. Haven't compared the two to see if they're different.

Tom Madden

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