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The original Duryea design had "open" cross bearers as shown in the photo on Gene's proto 48 blog The Bx-26 class built in 1936 and the Bx-27 built in 1937 were delivered in that configuration.  At some time prior to the Bx-34 class constructed in 1940, the design was "improved" with "closed" pressed steel cross bearers.  John Dobyne speculates that it was due to a structural weakness in the "open" frames.  This seems likely, as at some point, Santa Fe welded steel plates between the upper and lower pieces of the cross bearers on the Bx-26 & 27.  The Speedwitch kit correctly models the fiddly bits of the "early" aka "open" underframe with separate parts for the vertical angle irons that you the modeler add during assembly.  The Sunshine has these cast integrally with the rest of the cross bearer.  

Several plastic manufacturers have also produced models with Duryea underframes.  The Tangent riveted gondola has excellent extended coupler pockets that are sometimes available as part of separate sprues.  They offer a quick and easy way to improve the look of a Bx-27 or 34 without replacing the rest of the underframe.  Athearn makes a very nice 50' "closed" Duryea underframe that is under their 50 foot Santa Fe ice reefer.  That can be cut and spliced to work for a complete late 40' underframe. 


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Here's an image showing the Sunshine and Pennington Duryea underframe mini-kit parts, and the Speedwitch B&O M-26D/E and ATSF Bx-26 Duryea parts. They are all different. As Bill Darnaby mentioned, the Sunshine set will build either the early or late versions, however that's defined.The Speedwitch Santa Fe set has a couple pieces missing because the car is under construction, but the cross-members are shown. 

Tom Madden

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