Re: Tank Car Platform Requirements?

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Allen, I doubt there was any such safety rule in the US. Tank car
are not considered railroad "safety" equipment. They are there for the
convenience of loading and unloading personnel only, You imply that
there was some Canadian (government
?) safety rule that applied. I would be interested to learn more
about this
and under which agency of the government they were promulgated.
I don't know of a regulation, it's just that orders by CC&F (virtually
the only manufacture of tank cars in Canada at the time)suddenly added
the second platform. I don't know about you but most manufactures only
make changes due to competition(not a factor here as they were the
only manufacture) or somebody forcing them(as was done with
brakes,extra grabs).
I only noticed this last fall when I was doing lettering for the
Norwest CC&F tank car.

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