Re: Wartime reefers on Cajon

John Barry


It's a Jack Delano photo from his 1943 trip for OWI on the Santa Fe.  I'm not saying the freshly washed PFE car wasn't orange, just that to my eye, it was less so than I would have expected.  

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John Barry wrote:

In both versions, the color balance seems "right" to me based on the shed and station sign.  That said, I'm surprised by how "yellow" the 2nd PFE car appears, I would have expected a more orange hue.  Perhaps it faded through exposure and washings. 

     I don't know that I agree, John, it reads as light orange to me. But the dirt on the other reefers reminds us that most of our reefer fleets are too clean -- yes, I'm channeling Richard Hendrickson here . . .

If that photo is from the early 20s (and I haven't checked to see when the cab forward could have been available), then perhaps that reefer was in the original color scheme.

Spen Kellogg

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