Janney couplers full and 3/4 size

Andy Carlson


For years I have had an understanding that the use of Janney style of safety couplers in narrow gauge RRs consisted of either standard gauge sizes, such as on the D&RGW narrow gauge equipment, or 3/4 size such as many of the Carter Brothers freight and passenger cars for use in California. Considering few, if any, California narrow gauge RRs interchanged, coupler size was only important if the whole fleet were set up the same.

I have been trying to verify my ideas by internet searches, and I have come up zero for any answers to my questions.

So my idea that Colorado Narrow Gauge fleets were equipped with standard sized couplers and California's lines were mostly 3/4 sized be confirmed? I know that a Western RR, the 3' gauge Nevada California & Oregon, acquired several cars and locomotives from the Florence & Cripple Creek RR, a Colorado 3' gauge line. Did these cars require swapping reduced couplers to be used on the NCO, or were both standard coupler sized already? Of most importance to me is to answer which sized couplers were in use by the mid-coast California narrow gauge railroad, the Pacific Coast Ry.

Any help is appreciated, and, btw, happy 4th!

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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