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Dennis Storzek

On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 11:42 AM, Randy Hees wrote:
The exception being the NCO, which purchased used cars from the F&CC which came with full size (size D) couplers.
That reference to ARA Type D couplers adds more confusion, because the Type D, and all other couplers designed around the ARA No.10 knuckle contour were actually bigger than what would be a "full size" coupler in the context of the turn of the century when the narrow gauge cars were built. The Type D was 12" from the pulling face to the back of the striker horn, whereas the couplers that used the MCB contour were typically 9-1/4", yet in their day these MCB couplers were "full size". The ARA No.10 contour was also shaped different than the older MCB contour, but designed to work with it.

That being said, back in that day the foundries did offer couplers that were proportionally smaller versions of that contour, both 3/4 size and 1/2 size, the later used on mine cars and the like. The 3/4 size found some favor with various narrow gauge lines, and were indeed non-compatible with the "full size" version, as evidenced by this East Broad Top car used around the coal prep plant that is set up to couple with cars of either gauge:

EBT adapter car

Dennis Storzek

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