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Dennis Storzek

On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 06:38 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:
As a reminder to some of our list members, geared (or "power") handbrakes does NOT mean exclusively horizontal shaft/vertical wheel handbrakes. Many vertical shaft/horizontal wheel installations had gearing to assist the brakeman in applying the brakes and would therefore have been considered "allowed" under these rules.
Yes, they were quite wide spread and hard to spot, since unlike Bob Chaparro's example which had the reduction gearing up at the roof eave, most examples brought the brake staff all the way down to the end sill, and tucked the reduction gearing beneath the sill. Anexample would be the CP "mini box" recently discussed:

I've also found similar gear on a 1926 Soo Line box:

And also on the Soo's 1936 copies of the 1932 ARA car:

Note this later car also has a square brake staff.

Dennis Storzek

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