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Schuyler Larrabee

Could you explain what the SAM “safety link & pin” coupler is/was?




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As you suggested, most (all?) California and Nevada narrow gauge lines used 3/4 size knuckle couplers (if they used knuckles).  The exception being the NCO, which purchased used cars from the F&CC which came with full size (size D) couplers.  For a short period of time the NCO converted one end of the "new" cars to 3/4 size and ran them in pairs.  The Pacific Coast Ry used 3/4 size.

Of course, the Carter Brothers, who closed their factory in Newark CA installed link and pin draw heads on the cars they built (passenger cars were mostly equipped with Miller Couplers).  Knuckles were fitted to the cars later by the various railroads.  The SP owned Carson & Colorado used SAM "safety link & pin" couplers during the Tonopah boom, and the F&CC cars were equipped with SAMs when built.

Randy Hees

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