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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Doug and List Members,
Thanks Doug for the great images, they seem to span quite a number of decades between them all!
One image (attached) has reporting marks that seem to terminate in M&S, but I bet there are more initials on the left end the reporting mark that the photographer cut off - making the reporting marks possibly have the format xxM&S or xxxM&S.
I am wondering if it is Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern, which would make the reporting marks FtDDM&S... anyone have any thoughts with regard to whose stock car we are looking at?
Thanks again
Claus Schlund

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Yes, watermelons in stockcars was very common. Typically laid in a bed of straw for cushioning. Attached are a few photos.


Doug  Harding


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On another list a modelers was discussing modeling the ACL watermelon car.  He says he was from Texas and mentioned a town that he says was the watermelon shipping capital during the 1940's.  He then said most the photos he had showed the watermelons being shipped in stockcars.  Hmm.  A stockcar amongst the reefers at a Produce dealer?

George Courtney

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