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Nelson Moyer

Welcome to the club.


Washing parts depends on who made the kit and what mold release they used. Some mold releases are hard to completely remove, and some paints like Tru Color have poor adherence to resin. If you media blast, no worries, but if you don’t media blast, and you intend to use Tru Color paint, I highly recommend washing parts before and after assembly. I also prime cars with Tamiya Fine Light Gray before painting. Other paints aren’t as finicky to work with. I use Dawn, but several other products also work. I don’t use gloves to handle models before priming because Tamiya is a lacquer, and it’s not  too sensitive to skin oils. I mostly build in the winter when humidity is low and my skin is dry, so skin oil isn’t  a problem. I use gloves after priming, because Tru Color adherence issues, especially if you using masking tape for multi-color paint schemes.


I tap for coupler and truck screws. In the case of trucks, I use paint handles for priming, painting, gloss coating if needed, and spraying flat finish over decals. That means installing and removing truck frames several times, plus attaching the car body to the paint handle several times. I believe it’s safer to tap than cut multiple sets of threads with self-taping screws that will eventually fail to seat. I use 2-56 machine screws for both couplers and trucks. Kadee sells sets of taps, pilot bits, and clearance bits.


Nelson Moyer


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So I'm gearing up for my first crack at building a resin kit.  I've had a couple F&C kits in the closet for way too long now, and I thought the Pennsy X37 would be a good one to start with since its a one-piece body casting.  (And yes Bruce, I'll follow along on PRR-Pro as well.)  Before I dive in, I have a couple (hopefully) easy questions.


First of all, washing all the resin parts - what's the best way to actually do that?  Just let them soak in a bowl of soapy water, or do they need to be scrubbed with a toothbrush?  Do most of you wash all the little parts on the "sprue" or cut them out and sand off the flashing first?  Also, should I be wearing gloves during the build, so I don't get skin oils all over the clean parts?


Secondly, when I go to mount the trucks, do I need to tap the hole to accept a screw?  Or is the resin soft enough that I can just drill it carefully and the screw will self-thread without cracking the resin?



Paolo Roffo

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