Re: Questions for my first resin build

Jim Betz

Hi Paolo,

  I'm going to commit heresy here ... but this works for me ... with respect to 
whether or not to wear gloves (yes, fingerprints are to be avoided in the
final product) ... i have found that if I simply wash and dry my hands before
working on the model (assembly, paint, decals - all 3) that I have never
seen a fingerprint on anything.  
  I remove flash and do any other sanding - and wash the model parts after
any sanding ... and make certain the model is fully dry before any paint.

  As to paint - lots of thin coats always results in a better finish than only
one or two.  Priming will result in even color - but I don't worry about the
color being "even" because I weather -everything- I do ... I use washes,
detail color for things like grabs, and a final "blending coat" with an air
brush (a -very light- coat of a weathering color such as dust/grime/etc.).
Finally - always a dull coat to kill any shine on anything that might be left.

                                                 - have fun ... Jim

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