Elgin Boxcar Green/Orange paint when started? Decals Available???

Andy Carlson

Wow, what a cool car, Eldon!

If this is an 8' door car, a somewhat easy kit bash can be made by removing the outer two panels on each end of a Branchline #1000A Blueprint series 50' 16 panel box car, followed by trimming the top of the sides by 6 scale inches.  A 7' door car can be made with a bit more work.  The rewards of going to this work pays off well when compared to a CB&T shops version with over-sized rivets.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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I did one of those early early Sunshine kits of the rebuilt DS cars that included orange decals in the map scheme for the overall green car with black ends/roof.

The later cars with wide doorways, billboard schemes, abbreviated top rib ends and 10' interior heights (attached) are a tough project, and no decals I was ever able to find.

What a great resin kit those would make!

Elden Gatwood

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Tichy makes them.  Tho they are a bit thick...
Joe Binish

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    While we're on this subject, does anyone still make a decal of the iconic orange Chicago map and lettering on the EJ&E?
    Michael Gross
    Pasadena, CA



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