offered: Molds for N scale Van Dyke frameless tank car (Also Nn3 narrow gauge)

Andy Carlson

This is a copy of a listing I sent to the N scale 3' narrow gauge ion site. Since these tank cars were standard gauge before the Denver and Rio Grande Western narrow gauged them. I figure some N scalers might be interested in building a few of these tank cars. I have no pictures of these molds.


Our friend and pioneer Nn3 modeler, Pete Peters, is no longer modeling and I have some things to sell.

Pete made 2 RTV molds for his scratch built Nn3 D&RGW frameless Van Dyke tank car. The two molds are 1) for the top of the tank from the running boards and higher, and 2) the mold which casts the bottom of the tank with the bolsters and draft gear. Also, the bracket stanchens for the running boards, which will cantilever out of the tank bottom after pulling the casting out of the mold. Drop the top of the tank casting and the running board stanchens will be finely attached and quite close to scale.

Also note, the Van dyke tank cars on the D&RGW were formerly UTLX standard gauge tank cars. These molds can make standard gauge tanks just as easily as narrow gauge.

By making castings with 2-ton Devcon epoxy, or if that is difficult to obtain, auto parts store JB Weld original, makes great castings without the need for vacuum or pressure casting. Never, I repeat Never use 5-minute epoxy! Simply paste the surface of the mold components with epoxy applied with a flat tooth pick, then finish the casting by adding more epoxy inside the mold until the desired casting thickness is achieved. The next day you can pull out the tank castings from the molds. The casting process is a bit simpler (easier) than 2-part molds for 1-piece bodies.

RTV molds are good for about a few more than a dozen castings before the mold looses its ability to not stick to the resin part. These molds will also easily take polyurethane resin due to the flat mold stature. I will refund the money if the buyer can not get at least one cast from the mold. With a good cast, the buyer can make replacement copy cast mold(s) at his leasure, and maybe the mold can provide several castings. An aerosol mold release agent helps a lot.

Offered for $50 plus shipping of $5 to the US. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee PayPal is accepted. Contact me off-list at <midcentury@...> if interested.
-Andy Carlson

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