RDG 70000 series 4-bay hoppers

James E Kubanick

I have a photo of RDG 4bay steel hopper. It is a 3/4 view shot and I am using it to build an HO model. Unfortunately, the end shown in the photo is the A end and I cannot tell if these cars had power hand brakes or stem winders. I want to build the car as it would have appeared in 1952. The photo shows the car was built in   6 /24,, reweighed in 8/48 and re4packed by the PRR in 4/51.The class designation is obliterated by the banged up panel. This car had retained it's Andrews trucks and still was equipped with Carmer cut levers.

I suspect that these hoppers were originally composite hoppers, later rebuilt as all steel card and probably received power hand brakes at that time, similar to a batch of LV quads. However, I'd like to confirm my suspicions before building the model. Are there any Reading experts on this list that can verify the brake system used on these cars in 1952?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Kubanick
Morgantown WV

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