Re: RDG 70000 series 4-bay hoppers

James E Kubanick

Jack and Bruce,

Thank you for your kind responses.

I did intend to add the car number to my original post. It is 70056, so this appears to be an HTn. I'm leaning toward putting a horizontal brake wheel on this car.

I certainly not a Reading expert either, but I do seem to recall  seeing a photo of a RDG composite hopper sometime ago. I can't think of any other road that may have roster-ed these.

Thanks, again, for your assistance. It has been very useful.

Jim Kubanick

On Saturday, July 13, 2019, 11:46:59 PM EDT, Jack Mullen <jack.f.mullen@...> wrote:

I'm not a Reading expert, but HTn quad hoppers would fit the 1924 blt date. A photo of 70455 with a 3-48 reweigh date shows a vertical wheel geared handbrake.  It's a broadside photo, so I can't ID the specific type.

I don't know the history or original configuration of the HTn cars, but in general, composite quad hoppers seem a rather rare thing.
Hope this limited info helps.

Jack Mullen

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