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I think the operative phrase was one Richard Hendrickson used often: "Train set Bozos" will buy them.   No doubt someday there will be a YouTube video with someone having an entire unit train of poultry cars and I hat to think what would be pulling it.

Tom Casey

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Aaack! Where did this crap come from?
Tony Thompson 

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The MR “newsletter” had a photo.
Tony Thompson 

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Thanks Eric. I was wondering. I saw Kalmbach had the car listed among new items, but no photo.
Doug  Harding
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I looked for these at the National Train Show but Bachmann did not have them displayed.
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN
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Knowing my interest in Poultry cars, a friend spotted this and sent it to me with a note to check out page 4!
First thing I noticed, they have standard steel boxcar doors! How could Bachmann screw that up? And at $49? Seriously?
Attached is a photo of LPTC #666 Mudd. Compare to the Bachmann illustration.
Speedy was a combo car, Bachmann blew this one.
Stentz was a Palace Poultry Car PPKX 5131. Can’t even get the numbers right.
Who ever is advising Bachmann on these cars would appear to have no knowledge of actual poultry cars.
It appears Bachmann took their standard 40’ boxcar, and replaced the sides with a fake poultry car side. It looks like the screen wire and chickens are silk screen on plastic, very similar to the Lionel poultry car. Details are wrong or non-existent. They need two ladders per side, not one. And the Palace Poultry cars had four ladders per side. The names and numbers are not properly matched, ie they don’t have my list. Looks like the car sits to high on the trucks. A prototype poultry car has four panels on each side of the door, the model has five. And I have not seen a single poultry car with a letter board, like the Palace car in Bachmann’s catalog.
My hopes of a poultry car are quickly diminished.
Doug  Harding



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