Re: New Walthers freight cars

Benjamin Hom

Bill Welch wrote:
"An industry insider told me Walthers is hearing all sort of grief for this release. Too bad when they purchased the Life-Like Proto 2000 line they did not hire the brain power behind the line. No matter, companies like Tangent, Rapido, and resin people understand how to create faithful replicas of the real thing."

Come to think of it, their recent newly-tooled mass-market transition-era releases have been...clunky.  The pre- and postwar AAR boxcars seem off in appearance; the latest SS, DS, and "rebuilt" offerings are a dumpster fire, and all of them are a poor value at high MSRPs of $28 or higher.  I know, I know...the great unwashed don't care...but tacit approval of garbage isn't progress.

Ben Hom

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