Re: New Walthers freight cars

Benjamin Hom

Eric Hansmann wrote:
"Three of the four models looked very similar to the old TM cars."

Superficially similar, but definitely not the same:
- The T-M cars were designed around the basic dimensions of PRR Class X29, with 8 ft 7 in IH cars.
- Three roofs were offered: the X29 lap-seam roof, and two steel sheathed roof with lower profile seam caps
- Ends offered were a 3/3/3 Dreadnaught end, a single-sheathed end, and the X29 flat end.
- The common underframe featured a shallow fishbelly.
- The door options on the boxcars were the X29 3-panel door, a wooden door, and a strange corrugated door.  All featured large "claws" and had overscale door guides.

As I posted before, the current models being discussed are definitely new tooling, which means someone sadly greenlit this investment.

Ben Hom

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