Westy USRA 40-ton Double Sheathed boxcar as SP&S: Part 2

Bill Welch

Making progress with my Westy flat kit as a SP&S USRA boxcar. All of the wire parts are on sides and ends and A-Line sill steps were manipulated to replicate those used on the prototype. Note how they angle out. When retrofitted w/AB brakes all three components were placed on the same side of the underside of the car. This makes the model visually interesting but it did make getting the piping in place tricky. It can be seen that I actually cut the wire from the reservoir to the AB Valve short as I could not see the holes I had drilled for them. The AB brake parts were robbed form another Westy kit

I used one of George Toman's 3D printed pipe unions on the train line and did manage to get a section of .010 styrene rod manouvered into the respective holes drilled for it but of course this is totally hidden. The brake step appeared to have metal strapping around its perimeter so I used .005 styrene for this although mine is a little to wide now that I see it on the model. I had a trashed Tichy USRA SS steel rebuild from which I salvaged its end Placard Boards and used .005 styrene for make the straps where the PB is mounted.

The roof had running board saddles between the roof ribs: This is not correct so I removed them. The roof has been widened about .020 as i am going to try to model the facia boards and how the metal sheathing on the roof bend over the edges and covers part of the facia boards.

Bill Welch

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