Re: New Walthers freight cars

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

    I can't disagree at woth what you have stated about thre Train Miniature line of cars, Tony, but can well remember the anticipation
some of us had waiting for them. Frankly, give what else was available for styrene kits in 1968 I was darned pleased to have them.
I can well remember riding over to Arnie Doucette's East Boston Hobby Shop on Bennington St. from the MIT club with fellow list
member Andy Miller and coming back with a double sheathed Rock Island boxcar, a single sheathed boxcar and a wood sheathed
reefer. Can't recall the road names for the latter two but still have all three and can put my hands on them very quickly. The only
other real choice in those days was MDC with their god awful cast clunker underframe that really turned me off. The variety that the
T-M line added to my rolling stock fleet was something I was very thankful to have and with sprung trucks even. When T-M went to
sprung trucks I was not impressed, called Frank about it and he offered to exchange sprung trucks for the solid molded ones for me.
True to his word he did so and that's all I expect from anyone, Frankly, I thought then that the T-M line of house cars was better than
the Athearn line and still feel that way. I'll wager there are at least 50 of them around here still. YMMV

Cordially, Don Valentine

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