Re: BLI Penn Salt tank car paint schemes

Tim O'Connor

1961 photo

On 7/16/2019 12:08 AM, Todd Sullivan via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Ed,

When I clerked in Portland Or in 1961-62, the Penn Salt tank cars were painted in cream yellow and with a black center band and bottom with blue PENN SALT lettering.  The cars themselves were larger 11k gallon ICC 105s, mostly for chlorine.  Penn Salt had a facility in Willbridge just west of the Guilds Lake Yard where I spent many working hours, so I saw them fairly often.  I think the brown car with cursive script "Chemicals" lettering was a scheme used in the 1940s.  The one photo I've seen (sorry, can't recall its source) shows that the car was an ARA Type V built in the teens.  I think it has a 1951 or 1954 test date, but that's hard to distinguish.  I haven't seen the third scheme.  I hope this helps.

Todd Sullivan
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