Re: SL-SF, KCS, CIL Boxcar Kits (was Re: [RealSTMFC] 3 new 40'er for Collinsville)

Benjamin Hom

Bruce Smith wrote:
"It might also help for Armand to consult some archival material.

For example, Ted Culotta covered the St. Louis-San Francisco single sheathed boxcar in the FIRST installment of “Essential Freight Cars” in RMC in April, 2003. In the 38th installment (July, 2007) he covered Katy's single-sheathed boxcars. And of course, Mont Switzer has covered CIL boxcars in exquisite detail in several presentations at Cocoa Beach."

Indeed.  Another overlooked reference is Ed Hawkins' updated AAR boxcar spreadsheets at the Steam Era Freight Cars website.

If we look at the 1937 AAR 10 ft IH summary, we'll find that SL-SF, KCS, and CIL all had these boxcars, though in relatively small quantities (750 cars or less for each road), and there's a wealth of information on these cars, including types of appliances. From this, you can plan your projects based on your preferred kit.

Ben Hom

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