Re: Slim pickings for RR magazine

George Eichelberger


Sorry, I did not intend to exclude ANY of the historical groups in my comment. We are fortunate there are too many for anyone to be a member of them all. Many are sold in hobby shops that carry White River publications. Years ago, I suggested to Bob Hundman (Mainline Modeler) that he might consider running a “prototype” article from one of the groups in issues of MM but he was not short of material. (Maybe WRP could publish a compendium a couple of times a year?)

Although I am not personally familiar with the RF&P group I expect the folks organizing the 2020 SRHA convention in Richmond have already contacted the RF&P, C&O and ACL/SAL groups to join us. In addition to having probably 40,000 Southern and CofG rolling stock drawings (many are STMFC from about 1900), the SRHA archives at TVRM include more than 17,000 Southern Railway Presidents’ files. The early history of Washington Union Station, the Washington Southern, RF&P and the WB&P are well covered. If time permits, we will see some interesting presentations on Richmond…at Richmond.


PS To close the loop to a STMFC subject, note that steam and transition era subject are the central focus of many historical groups. In addition to TIES magazine, the Southern Railway Historical Assoc. group on includes discussions on a variety of subjects……everyone is welcome to join, SRHA member or not.

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