Re: GM&O 40 ft Automobile CAr


Scott and all, Thanks for the kind comments. I cut my shim brass much like styrene. I use a sharp xacto blade and using a straight edge. score a straight line a couple of times. I then place this in a PE (photo etch bender) at the fold line and bend the sheet back and forth carefully using a bending bar (a 6 inch or 12 inch steel rule from an old Starett Combination Square). It then usually snaps of on the 2 or 3rd bend. To fold, I use the same method, but follow up using my UUM-USA Micro Saw to deepen the groove about 1/2 the thickness of the brass I am bending. Next I insert in my PE Bender (From UUM-USA) and use the Starrett steel rule to bend against. 
The PE bender I use is more like a simple vice and are very inexpensive from UUM-USA. For folding longer pieces up to 150 mm (close to 6 inch) can be seen here
I also use two shorter 60 mm versions of this
and this newer version with a bending brake on it

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