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I regularly download and read, free from the web:
A.C.&Y H.S. News
The B&O Modeler
C&NW Modeler
Frisco Meteor seems to have ceased, last publication was 2013
Keystone Modeler
Nickel Plate Road Modeler's Notebook
New York Central Modeler
Rock Island Reporter
Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler.

There are multiple issued of each of these on the web with lots of great info in them. If you know of any others, post them in reply.

J. Stephen Sandifer

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To add to what Ike said, several historical societies also put out digital "e-zines" that are geared specifically to modelers. The PRRT&HS has one called "The Keystone Modeler" that presents (among many articles) prototype info in support of a specific class of freight car, then shows what was done to model it. The society also supports manufacturer efforts by providing data packages for them to use in better modeling the prototype.

Elden Gatwood

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Although they are not strictly model railroading magazines, many Railroad historical groups produce high quality publications that are extremely useful to modelers. I am most familiar with the Southern, L&N, PRR, B&O and ACL/SAL groups’ work but others I do not see every issue; UP, NYC, N&W are superb sources of prototype information, several have excellent modeling sections.

With the growth of “prototype modeling” and RPM meets, the historical group publications may be the best source of prototype data today. It is true they do not serve “beginner” modelers but they are very useful for people that are interested in railroad history, the business of railroading and the technical and operational details of motive power and rolling stock.


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