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Peter Ness

I'm sure there are some modelers and historians with information on specific railroads - the Canadian Southern website has some info on NYC paint schemes, likewise Rob's PRR web site for that railroad...I don't think anyone has contemplated a summary for all freight car paint schemes for all railroads...'twould be a Herculean endeavor of unimaginable proportion at minimum!
...Besides, all boxcars pre-WWII were freight car red, right :D (ducking for cover, but only kidding, folks!)

Peter Ness

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The comment below stimulates me to ask if there is a summary list anywhere of landmark dates for freight car paint schemes. A further example might be, “UP changes all lettering to yellow, 1947.”
The CP was repainting their steel cars with "Spans The World" starting in 1947 and so these cars woulf be being painted as well.

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