Re: Atlas Freight Car Announcement

Aley, Jeff A

A quick look at page 48 of the Atlas summer 2019 catalog ( shows that these are new paint schemes on their existing meat reefer. 


Atlas says, “PROTOTYPE INFORMATION: The 36’ reefer is a highly detailed model of the car that was a mainstay in the meatpacking industry during the steam era. Based upon cars built by the General American Car Company for the Cudahy Packing Co. in 1925, the 36’ wood reefer is representative of the thousands of cars that transported meat, dairy, beer and food products well into the 1960’s.”






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I am intrigued by the three variations in the 36' meat reefers, and also prefer the undecs.  Body Style 2 looks like it might be close to some Swift prototypes.  No photo yet for Body Type 1.  I am wary of the operational doors and hatches, but maybe they can be made to look OK.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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