Re: Atlas Freight Car Announcement

Bill Welch

Regarding the various 1932 offering I built several Sunshine—NC&StL freight and express; SAL freight and express ventilator, WRT; CofG; CRR; and F&C—NdeM; CGW; BAR. Then at some point I picked the undec. Atlas Erie and one with Dreadnaught ends and Murphy roof. I like the Erie example well enough I built it instead of the Sunshine kit I have because the Atlas roof and sill are better I think and built the other for I-GN. I offered the link to my ARA/AAR Steel Boxcar Modeling Clinic here and on the Styrene Modeling site where I cover these two models. I think they hold up well compared to both Sunshine and F&C that were originally done for Yankee Clipper. I did fabricate new doors for both from InterMountain and Tichy doors.

I will reserve one of the kits with the flat panel roof to harvest the roof and ends for a NC&StL re-build w/a Tichy flat car underframe and one of the C&O types to harvest the roof.

Bill Welch

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