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Thanks. Your list is excellent, but I was hoping to find out which roads had various body types. I suppose I could match your list with the list on STMFC, but that looks like it would be a project larger than I have time for right now. I will roll this around for a while.

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Garth Groff

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     From a post I did when the cars first came out:


Style #1 Long Tab Body,  Murphy Panel Roof,          4/4 Dreadnaught Ends

Style #2 Long Tab Body,  11-Panel Flat Riveted Roof, Riveted Ends

Style #3 Short Tab Body, Hutchins Radial Roof,       4/4 Dreadnaught End

Style #4 Short Tab Body, Viking Corrugated Roof,     Buckeye ends

Style #5 Long Tab Body,  11-Panel Flat Rivet Roof,   4/4 Dreadnaught Ends

Style #6 Long Tab Body,  Viking Corrugated Roof,     4/4 Dreadnaught Ends

Style #7 Long Tab Body,  Murphy Panel Roof,          Flat Riveted Ends


Don Burn




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Bill and Friends,

I see that Atlas will be offering their ARA 1932 boxcar in an undecorated in "Body Style 2" (with the flat plate ends). This is essentially correct for the Seaboard class B-6, though it does have some problems. Upgrading this car was covered by John Golden and Justin May in the SEABOARD-COAST LINE MODELER for March 2009. This car is useful for all us steam-era "Y'all Railroad" modelers. I may to try to get one, though I need another boxcar like I need a hole in my head.

I see they are offering undecorated models of styles 1, 2 and 5. Has anyone ever done an analysis of the various Atlas body styles for the 1932 ARA boxcars? I know some of the detail combinations were worthy of Train Miniature, but with a shot-gun approach at least some of these must have had a prototype or two beside the standard design. I do have a print-out of John Hile's STMFC post from 2008, but it only discusses six cars Atlas released pre-lettered: CG, CRR, I-GN, MEC, CRR and WRTCo. Since I have a couple of F&C kits, plus a Sunshine Norfolk Southern, all unbuilt, I probably won't spring for any others unless the bodies are unique.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On 7/19/19 5:35 AM, Bill Welch wrote:

This link shows a few freight car releases for the era of this group. I like undecorated and so the three 1932 variations are of interest to me plus I think I may get one of the little meat reefers:

Not sure why "ATHEARN" is present but I think it can be ignored

Bill Welch


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