Re: Funaro 1932 CP Boxcar ( freight car paint schemes)

Donald B. Valentine

I too still use Windows 7, Bonb, and hate the thought of having to downgrade to Windows 10 given its reputation for instability.
Congress needs to smarten up and update the copyright laws so the when any software developer like Microscrew discontinues
any program the copyright will automatically end so that someone else can pick it up and continue to provide service for it. I'm damn tired of having to artificially subsidize Microsoft by purchasing a new program that simply hs more crap than I want or need and generally is not as good as the one I was using. The definition of Microsoft is "Never have so few offered so little of value and been able to steal so much money for doing so". It wold take a pretty long train of hoppers to haul off all the waste Microsoft builds into it programs and gets away with.

Just my two bits worth, Don Valentine

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