Re: does anyone collect unbuilt WestRail kits (or maybe even still builds them)?

C J Wyatt

Thanks Tony. I really don't need a list. I was just curious if there was one out there, I certainly wouldn't want to cause someone to spend time compiling a list. Earlier today, I was looking over a couple of WestRail kits which I have. Looks like it probably is worthwhile to go back and read over the large amount of prototype information which Richard included. It was quite amazing the amount of stuff that Richard and his wife could pack into an Athearn box. I have never been able to put everything back into the box well enough that I can get the box top to fit right.

Jack Wyatt

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, 10:23:03 PM EDT, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Jack Wyatt wrote:

I suspect that some WestRail kits are out there which the purchaser never got around to building. Are any of the kits considered collector's items because of the historical significance of Richard Hendrickson and his wife's company advancing the knowledge of details in freight car modeling. Has anyone compiled a complete list of the company's production and do any kits in the line still fill a need which has yet to be covered?

     Jack, I have originals of all of Richard's kit directions, and can infer what was produced, but am not sure what all decals he may have put into kits so as to make the range of prototypes he wanted. I also have a kit or two in my stash.
     I am not sure exactly what kind of "list" you would like. Can you be more specific?

Tony Thompson

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