Re: Accurail H31a red

Bruce Smith


Well... there are a lot of issues here.

1) Why match the Accurail color?

2) Accurail and other companies usually do not use commercially available model paints, so there are no "matches" - if you are asking what paint they used. You usually need to custom mix paints to match commercial paints.

3) What era are you modeling? FCC changed over the years and it matters.

4) The initial run(s) of Red Caboose X29s had what is generally acknowledged to be one of the best renditions of early (1930's-40's) FCC. That's the color I would try to match 😉 but then, I model 1944.



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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Accurail H31a red
Hi Lloyd,
I have no idea what Accurail did color wise, but where PRR “freight car color” of FCC is concerned, the hue varied over time, so the color you need depends very much on the era you are modeling.  Generally, the earlier the era the redder, and the later eras migrate toward brownish.  Bruce can give a far more definitive answer.
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Accurail H31a red
Hey Guys, I hate to bring this up so will stick with just this car.  But what is the matching paint for the Accurail H31a composite hopper? I have two other X-29's and all three cars are a different shade of "oxide red."

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