Re: 1937 AAR boxcar with wrong roof 😞😞😞


Tim, Protocraft does have a buy war bonds set as well.

That's an interesting photo. I note Yarmouth's kit of the 1949 built ACF car has no lettering to the right of the door. But this photo also has none in 1957, although a 1953 photo on Protocraft does have it, as does the photo on Black Cats site. A guess: they received lettering to the right as a repaint, perhaps the doors turned red at that time too. Somehow, some never got that lettering, some got the war bonds slogan, and the war bonds slogan was removed too. 

Brian's point about stencils varying through the years, even for ostensibly the same scheme, is valid. The E, for example.

Protocraft lists a different scheme as the 1961 scheme, for those modeling a later time.

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