Re: Funaro 1932 CP Boxcar ( freight car paint schemes)

Tom Larsen

Jon Miller wrote about HTTPS links from Bob Chaparro:
>Someone told me that one can't get to these (and other) pages because they are https:
>However I can get to other https: pages. It appears to be random. This is with Win10.
Using Windows 10 and Google Chrome as my standard browser I have no problem clicking on the links. They open the destination without problems.
Copying the link and pasting it into Microsoft Edge opens the page without problems also.
It appears that your problem could be a personal setting in your browser or that you haven't updated your operating system and/or browser to a current version, thus creating some sort of conflict.

For a quick and not to technical explanation on the differences of HTTP and HTTPS take a look here:

HTTPS is not a limitation to the accessability of WEB pages.
HTTPS adds a secure layer to the HTTP communication, any up-to-date browser/OS combination should open a valid page with no problem.

Clinging to your older OS system is asking for trouble, as it won't be updated when new security threats occur and not everyone you come accross on the internet plays nice these days.

Hope you get to use the links, the information is quite interesting and will bring you back to Steam Era Freight Cars, as we should be concentration on.

Kind regards

Tom Larsen
Holte, Denmark

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