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Steve and Barb Hile

They are part of the Duryea underframe.  The body of the car and trucks can move along the center sill.  The Duryea design evolved over time and these pieces changed shape a bit.  But the longer one goes toward the center of the car and the shorter one towards the couple.  Here is a snip from a drawing in the 1940 CBC
And this snip is one of Duryea underframes (not for the B&O wagon tops, but similar).
Hope this helps.
Steve Hile

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Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2019 1:48 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] B&O Wagontop Boxcar

I have asked this question on another group but no one seemed to have an answer. I hope someone on this group can help.

I am building a F&C wagontop boxcar for the B&O and I cannot figure out how certain items on the underframe are arranged. Specifically, I am referring to the long and short triangular bolster braces.  Where do these mount on the underframe and to what purpose do they serve?

Ed Robinson

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