Re: Funaro 1932 CP Boxcar ( freight car paint schemes)

Terry Link

I don't believe it's a browser/OS problem. For some reason - there is a
'dot' missing in the links

If you click on the link in the email:

It is trying to take you to

Note the missing '.' in front of com/UP-PLN-FRT/2010-UP-Freight-PLN-Clinic/

So in your browser - simply insert the '.' in front of the
com/UP-PLN-FRT/2010-UP-Freight-PLN-Clinic/ and you should be able to view
the page.

Terry Link

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From: James SANDIFER

I can???t make either of these links open. Any suggestions?

J. Stephen Sandifer

Dick Harley produced this presentation on Union Pacific painting and
lettering schemes covering 1940 to 1975:

The presentation is part of this UP Freight Car Painting & Lettering

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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