Re: Ghost White Toner Again

Eric Bergh

I am using the Ghost cartridge on my HP Color LaserJet MFPM477fdw and like it. I did have to increase the density settings to get a better image. I use Tango Papa clear decal paper and set the printer for "Transparency".
FWIW, to change the density, below is the info I got from the folks at Ghost.
-Eric Bergh

"to set the density for each toner channel please set up the printer as a network printer.

Therefore you have to connect via Network. Once the printer has been connected via network it has a IP Address. This will be shown in the printerdisplay or on the network status page. This page can be printed from the reports menu of the printer.


1.       Enter the printer IP Address into a webbrowser (ie Chrome)

2.       Go to system

3.       Go to density

4.       Choose +5 for all channels to get the best transfer result. (Standart is 0)

5.       Once the settings are saved the printer will also use these settings for USB printing.


I hope this helps!




 David M. Kandelhardt

CEO – Founder"

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