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Indeed, according to Ed Hawkins' and Ted Culotta's list all four blocks of the D&H cars had welded sides. These were built by the D&H itself, the first block at Oneonta and the remainder at Green Island. They all had 4-5 Dreadnaught ends, which Atlas never tooled. They didn't belong on the list I submitted, and this will be been corrected shortly.

Atlas body style 2 is more or less correct for Seaboard, and this was the car used by John Golden and Justin May in their March 2009 SEABOARD COAST LINE MODELER article. They note that the roof has flat panels with rivet detail, but lacks the lap seams. I don't know what lettering did on production runs of this car. Are you saying they offered Seaboard lettering on the Style 1 body?

The only Atlas models I every bought were WM (lacking a Duryea underframe) and I-GN, both Style 1 bodies. My hobby dealer retired and went out of business about the time the decorated Style 2 was produced, and I never saw any Seaboard cars.

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On 7/22/19 10:06 PM, Donald B. Valentine via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Garth,

     While the seams in some made them look riveted I thoughr all the D&H cars had welded sides.
Is this not the case? These D&H cars all developed the same pattern of sinks and high spots on their
sides that gavce then a swallow waffle effect.What I don't understand is why Atlas didn't use the flat
panel roof on their Seaboard cars since they offered it on others.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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