Redux: ARA 1932 Matches for Atlas Body Styles

Garth Groff <sarahsan@...>


Here's the Atlas list again, with car block numbers. The D&H cars were all welded, so they have been removed. Note that only one of the three WM blocks matches Style 1 (and the tabs over the truck bolsters are actually much smaller than the Atlas model, but that's an easy fix; not so easy to do the Duryea underframe). The five ARA demonstrators used the Style 1 body, except with "short tabs" under the doors, another easy fix; three went to the C&O, and one each to the PRR and NYC. For space reasons I have consolidated blocks of identical design with consecutive numbers for SAL and MP.

Style #1 Long Tab Body,  Murphy Panel Roof, 4/4 Dreadnaught Ends:   CofG 4000-4499; CRR 5000-5249; I-GN 17001-17300; MEC 4248-4999; MVCMCX 9000 (1 Car), MP 30000-32499; M-I 4000-4249; NOT&M 17301-17500; UP 182500 (1 car); WM 27001-27500.

Style #2 Long Tab Body,  11-Panel Flat Riveted Roof, Riveted Ends:  L&A 15001-15150; NC&STL 18000-18499; SAL 17000-18999; WRT 900-919

Style #3 Short Tab Body, Hutchins Radial Roof, 4/4 Dreadnaught Ends:  C&O 7000-7649; NKP 13000-13499

Style #4 Short Tab Body, Viking Corrugated Roof, Buckeye ends:  ERIE 76500-76999

Style #5 Long Tab Body,  11-Panel Flat Rivet Roof, 4/4 Dreadnaught Ends:  SOO 41800-42798, 135800-135998 (even numbers only; both blocks 9' 2" IW)

Style #6 Long Tab Body,  Viking Corrugated Roof, 4/4 Dreadnaught Ends:  NS 25000-25499

Style #7 Long Tab Body,  Murphy Panel Roof, Flat Riveted Ends:  NONE THAT I CAN FIND

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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