Re: does anyone collect unbuilt WestRail kits (or maybe even still builds them)?

Tim O'Connor

Tony, here is my list of Westrail kits (Athearn kitbash kits) -

R-1301   NP reefer
R-1201   ART reefer prewar 62000-62499 etc
R-120    ART reefer 229790-24999 (?? that's what it says)
R-1220   ART reefer 26000-28899
R-1010   PFE R-40-10
R-1022   PFE R-40-14
R-1023   PFE R-40-20
R-1030   PFE R-40-23
B-202    ATSF Bx-34 Scout
B-3953   CN NSC 9-rib "1945"
B-3954   CN NSC 9-rib "1954"



On 7/20/2019 10:24 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:

They were one of the few prototype model kits for a time, and probably more than a
few people have unbuilt kits. I still have 15 kits, with just a couple of duplicates.

     I'd be interested to see a list of what you have. Greg Martin and I have made a start
     on a production list, but neither of us has too much info. The kit directions are sometimes
     prototype-specific, sometimes not.   Tony

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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