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F&C did the Buckeye end, but only on their Erie milk car. AFAIK, this car was also based on the ARA 1932 design. I have a pair of the milk cars which I bought to use on another layout concept, and due to changing interests never assembled. In comparison with the other two unassembled F&C 1932 boxcars I have in my pile, the ends seem to be a perfect match. I was planning on matching the boxcar sides to the Buckeye ends and Viking roof to do the Erie boxcar. I haven't figured out what to do with reefer sides (the door is too wide), so these would still end up as a freelanced car. (Sigh).

A moot point anyway, as most of my model railroad time is now devoted to O-scale British narrow gauge, the freelance Scottish Midlands Light Railway. Once I had seen and ridden behind those "Great Little Trains", they got under my skin, and Scotland, well, "tis thee hame o'mine ayne folk" (meaning my ancestors).

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff (a proud Napier, Ferguson and Wilson descendant)

On 7/23/19 7:02 PM, Donald B. Valentine via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Garth,

    I have Ted's book and a few other photos of the 1932 cars. I have only five of the Atlas cars and may
have gotten confused on the Seaboard car becasue I juts brought it out and find it had never been opened.
It has been now and is the correct Type 2 car with the correct 11 panel flat roof. Mine has the "Route of
the Orange Blossom Special" lettering as road #18047 but Atlas has also offered the Seaboard car with
that nomenclatureand just the simple Seaboard lettering. I believe it is the N.C.&St.L. car that may have
the wrong roof as from your list it appears that should also be a Type 2 model but mine is a type 7 with
a Murphy 12 panel roof and flat, riveted end.. My next model of these cars is MEC #4499 which, as it is
supposed to be, is a Type 1. There were still a few of these around when I first became professionally
involved with the MEC 50 years ago, though bu that tinme they were painted green, not brown! Lastly I
have a pair of the Erie version, one with the original small diamond herald the other with the larger version.
To hell with this 'logo' nonsense and the lack of respect that infers, it is a herald or an emblem to me. New
England Yankee to the core that I am, these Erie cars are still the nicest part of the 1932 ARA cars from
Atlas IMHO. They are the only models I have ever seen with a correct Buckeye end and Atlas has done
a superb job with them, Having them with both sizes of Erie diamond heralds is simply the frosting on the
cake. I do not understand how Atlas could do such a superlative job with these 1932 ARA series cars and
fall flat on their faces as they did with the USRA rebuilds. I will own more of these 1932 ARA cars before
being done with them as they are a great addition to my 1948 car fleet.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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