Re: freight car paint schemes was:[RealSTMFC] Funaro 1932 CP Boxcar

Eric Lombard

Thanks for your good “review” Charlie. I appreciate your interest.

Perhaps you might like an export of the full timeline which includes 1600 entries ranging from brakes to underframes. Same caveats: data entry has been casual and it focus is on box cars. It’s yours for whatever feedback you might be motivated to offer.

I’m interested in your mention of cut-off date. I assume this means the date of your modeling and things— paint schemes, car series, appliances, etc, —that occur in the future are avoided. If I have this right there is a modestly developed aspect of the box car database that allows export of active car series by presidential election year, that is every four years 1892-1980. The bulk of the needed data entries are clumped between 1912-1960 for cars built, rebuilt, or renumbered between 1910-1944. Send me your cut-off date and I’ll see what comes up for the nearest preceding and post-ceding vote date. I’ve not tried this function before, having been focused on data entry—the function’s value increases with each datum. Whatever comes out will not be complete but will be informative at some level. 

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