Re: Funaro 1932 CP Boxcar ( freight car paint schemes)

Dick Harley

I am not a regular reader of this (or any other) internet list.  So my apologies for the slow response.

I noticed in the past week or so a lot of viewers to my UP Freight Car painting clinic on SmugMug, and wondered what generated the interest.  Bob Webber clued me in when I talked to him at Collinsville last weekend.

Chuck Seemann asked whether that presentation was available in printed form, and I sympathize with him about reading on a computer display.  
I have not printed that info, but Chuck or one of his friends could.  Any of the pages of that presentation can be downloaded in full resolution by clicking the down-arrow "Download" icon at the lower right.  You can download whichever pages are of interest and then print them yourself.

You can also buy images directly from SmugMug, if you want, by clicking the "Buy Photos" button.  I have nothing to do with that process, but I hear they do a good job.

I try to put stuff on my SmugMug site that would be useful to other folks.  The top level URL is:
You can navigate the site from there.  I have not optimized the site for mobile devices, so a full computer display will probably give you a better 'experience.'

I'll get my photos from Collinsville 2019 up there in the next day or two.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA

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