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gary laakso

Thanks for the update, Ed.  You have moved modeling forward and we are all grateful for your efforts not to mention all the superglue sales you caused!


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock


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Thanks for the insights from the Collinsville meet.  On the Intermountain table, did they happen to have display models of the 1958 cuft covered hopper with the type 3 roof?  These were announced quite a while ago before the Chinese factory issues.



No joy yet.


I inquired with Gene Fusco about the project because I have been one who pushed for it, along with Al Hoffman. Both of us pushed & provided the necessary information for selfish reasons of MoPac and Burlington that used the "type 3” hatch cover & locking bar design. 


Given that reservations have been sufficient to proceed into production, HO models would likely have been released by now if not for the Chinese plant closure one year ago. Gene indicated the models are still “a go” and are projected for production in 2020.


Ed Hawkins

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