Movie short with auto rack

Scott Pitzer

This won't be of much help...
The other night Turner Classic ran a short, circa 1950, about autos and driving safety. Lots of Los Angeles views. I missed the start and therefore the title. The cable TV data band only showed the title of the preceding feature, The Stranger.
Very late (after a lot of accident scenes) there's a close-up of men opening the doors of an auto box car to reveal four autos, two suspended. There's about four seconds of the unloading process. Too close to see the road name, and only the rear half of the cars so I don't know the make. In the far background is an NYC car with end doors.
I'll try to get a few stills off of my tape one of these days.
Would have been nice to have whatever footage was left over... or, who knows, maybe it exists in a longer form in some other movie or archive.
Scott Pitzer

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