Westy USRA 40-ton Double Sheathed boxcar as SP&S: Part 3

Bill Welch

Given that this SP&S model is only second USRA 40-ton example I have built and it was 20+ years since I built that M&StL car, so I spent extra time studying the photo I have of SP&S 10044. The Westerfield kit is one of his early offerings and is very good and the only thing I saw that varied from the kit is the presence of fascia boards along the top edge of the sides butted against the underside edge of the roof. I used .010 x .040 styrene strip to model these. Note that I built in a little damage and used small bits of .005 to shim the boards as if they have warped slightly.                                                                                                            

As I continued to examine the photo I thought I detected that the metal cladding the roof is bent over its edges, partially covering the fascia boards along the top edges of the sides. For confirmation I decided to consult Dennis Storzek since through years I have found his insights into freight car construction to be very helpful and accurate. His return message included the attached illustration of the “National Flexible Outside Metal Roof for Boxcar” (also known as a Murphy roof) that clearly shows the metal bending over the edge of the roof.

Since I have built the roof as a separate assembly it was easy to attach a piece of 0.005-styrene to each edge. I cut it to a width that would leave some of the fascia boards visible. After the CA had cured I used the handle of a small paint brush to burnish the edge of the styrene against the edge of the roof, then sanded this edge with some #600 grit sandpaper, all ii an attempt to make this joint appear like the bent edge of metal. Admittedly it will be hard to tell if this worked until the model is painted.

Another detail clearly revealed in the 10044 photo is the presence of metal flashing over the doors. I think this may have been applied by the SP&S. This was easy to make with .005-styrene sheet.

Questions? Let me know.

Bill Welch

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